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Estado Sonic (http://WWW.sonicstate.COM) es una red de recursos web que abastece a los músicos electrónicos. Fundado en 1995, El Sonicstate ahora se establece firmemente como una de las diez destinaciones superiores para los músicos en línea.

Sonic State ( is a Network of Web properties catering to electronic musicians. Founded in 1995, Sonic State is now firmly established as one of the top ten destinations for musicians online.


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Algunos trucos de utilización de los micrófonos electret autofabricados.
Cómo construir un protector de viento muy barato
Cómo construir un micrófono parabólico con materiales caseros
Cómo hacer un micrófono unidireccional con un paraguas



What is Longplayer ?
Longplayer is a 1000 year long piece of music which started to play on the 1st January 2000 and will continue to play, without repetition, until the 31st December 2999, when it will come back to the point at which it began – and begin again.

In its present and original incarnation, as a computer program, it’s been playing since it began in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14. It’s also playing in the planetarium at the Bibliotheca Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, the Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia and in Rufford Park, near Nottingham, England. Plans are in an advanced stage for other listening posts around the world.

Longplayer can also be heard globally via a live stream on the Internet.